Elmansoura for contracting

  and Electromechanica Works

About Us

1-  Our Company has established in 2006.

2-  We are 100% committed & available.

3-  Our team is equipped to furnish engineering expertise necessary to oversee your specialty infrastructure work.

4-  We have a lot of good trained stuff with a mission to satisfy our customer needs with high quality products and with efficiency and a quick delivery service according to schedule time.

5-  We are experts in Stainless steel works, our customers are almost FMCG Companies.

6-  The presence of advanced technology of processing, cutting and finishing of Stainless steel make us one of the largest company in Egypt and we are seeking to be in Middle East also.

7-  We deliver Stainless steel installation works that commensurate with high quality standards for production lines and services.

8-  We are specialized in Supplying and installation Stainless steel works for food industry factories such as:

9-  Diary Products Factories and all using machines such as:

a.    Filling Machines

b.    Pasteurization Machines

c.    Sterilization Machines

10-    All necessary service lines like Steam, ice water, normal water, and Chilled water and air networks.

11-    Producing Concentrates Factories and its filling machines and production lines

12-    Installation of Steel works like platforms, supports, etc.

13-    Installation of Cable Tray.

14-    Infrastructur.